UVIC Software Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on the development of software. We hope to create a valuable product and provide personalized service for the community and customers . To this end, we have been working hard!

        With the rapid development of IT technology and network, the development has brought us rapidly changes, we are also continuous to request ourselves in order to better adapt to this environment . We hope that we can eventually become a dominant enterprise on the market through our core technology capabilities and correct judgment of the market.

        In addition to the core technology leading role in the market, we believe that the most important thing is the social impact. We sincerely hope that we can increase your life more fun and color through our technology and products . Help to establish a healthy popular culture is our ultimate objective.

        The aim of Qditor is to support the original, encouraging people to carry forward the creative wisdom. And in response to industry and public demands, promoting the mainstreaming process of video editing industry. Qditor 's vision is to let the user through the computer or mobile devices to create and share video clips, to show themselves, find friends, and to help video site partners breakthrough product market bottlenecks by the most convenient form of operation, rich creative space and unique entertainment effect , bringing the overall change of online video advertising technology and profit model.

        The products are not created to get benefit to expand the size of the company , but as a part of the community, created to ideal of the essential meaning of human existence in the society and the pursuit of happiness and peaceful coexistence . This is also the purpose of our company was founded.

        Thank you very much!

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