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2. Disclaimer

    Beijing UVIC Software Technology Co., Ltd. hopes to provide convenient Internet and software services for the majority of network users, at the same time, , external links in the company website www.qditor.com does not constitute the services provide to users, nor does it constitute the recognition of such external links, thus, we can not ensure external links in the company website www.qditor.com accuracy, security and integrity and can not be responsible for loss or injury caused by the use of these downloaded software.


3. User name and password

    When you intend to register as a user, we ask you to fill out a registration form. Registry requires you to enter a username, e-mail, password, telephone number, but also to provide the password prompt questions and answers so that we can verify your identity when you lose your password. You can only use your account through password. If you leak the password, you may lose your personally identifiable information, and may lead to adverse judicial behavior. Therefore, no matter any reason to make your password affected by the crisis, you should immediately contact us by cs@uvicsoft.com.


4. Third-party

    We will not provide any third party to sell, rent, share and transaction user's personal information, unless the third party and UVIC company together provider services for web site and user and after the service is over, the access has been banned including all information that can be accessed before. When we are forced by law or in accordance with the Government's request to provide your information, we will disclose your information in good faith.

5. Security

     Our site has the appropriate security measures to ensure that the information in our possession is not lost, not be abused or altered, including backup data to other servers and user password encryption. Even though we have these security measures on the Internet, but please note there is no "perfect security measures".


6. Modify your information

     You can modify or update your personal information and password at any time in Qditor website (after login is successful).


7. Upload content

     Uploaded content refers to video uploaded by qditor software to Qditor website or by the qditor forum published video, audio or any other form of content including text, images, links, etc.; user must ensure lawful copyright of the work/ copyright or appropriate authorization, and the user has agreed to grant to Qditor Web site for all the works and content on the global scale-free, irrevocable, indefinitely, and transferable, non-exclusive to use licenses right, Qditor website and forums have the right to display, distribute and promote the foregoing contents and the right in any form to copy, modify, publish, issue and otherwise use or authorize a third party to copy, modify, publish, issue and otherwise use.

     User must not use the services provided by the qditor website to act any unlawful, obscene, pornographic and other violation of public order and morals of activities, including, but not limited to illegal pyramid schemes, fraud, infringement, reactionary behavior and so on. To this, Qditor website has the right according to our own independent judgment to delete immediately without prior notice to stop the use of account engaging into such activities ; uploaded content represents only the author's own position and views, all legal responsibilities, having nothing to do with this site, undertaken by the author himself.


8. Contact Us

      If you have any comments and suggestions on the policy or the protection measures as well as problems when your use, please contact us: cs@uvicsoft.com



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